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Portfolio Picks: January 2021
January 29th 2021

Here at Kartogram, we’ve sure been busy so far this year. This month we’ve selected a few older custom web design projects to pair with some newer creations for January’s instalment of Kartogram’s portfolio picks. 

The greatest benefit of being a design agency AND consultancy
January 21st 2021

Here at Kartogram, we can do it all so that you don’t have to. Pick and mix your services and we’ll put together a bespoke custom web design package just for you.

Can I work with Kartogram if I'm not local to Oxford, UK?
January 17th 2021

The short answer? Yes, absolutely!

What does "rebrand" mean?
January 13th 2021

When it comes to rebranding, you’ll achieve better results if you understand the weight that customer perception carries in relation to how well your business performs. If your business could do with a rebrand for any reason at all, get in touch with Kartogram for consulting advice and practical support with your custom web design. 

Should I hire a web designer before or after I start my business?
January 10th 2021

This one is a bit of a trick question. If you’re clear on your business goals, the niche you’re trying to promote, and are diligent in getting the other key elements of online business up to a good standard, then early investment in custom web design could reap incredible rewards for your business - regardless of when you start working with your web designer!