Blog archive for February 2022
Portfolio Picks: February 2022
February 28th 2022

The end of another month brings another selection of our favourite project picks from the online Kartogram portfolio. As spring starts to show it’s colours, take a look at some of our own unique palettes in our favourite branding partnerships to date!

Should I work with a freelancer or a custom web design agency?
February 22nd 2022

Collaborating with the right custom web design partner is incredibly important if you want your business to grow and prosper. If you’re trying to decide whether a freelance designer or an independent agency would be better suited to collaborate with your team, keep reading to learn more about the key differences between the two - and which route might be best for your next custom web design project! 

The best website features for great customer service
February 14th 2022

Delivering great customer service relies on having an empathetic and engaged team who are sensitive to customer needs and confident in finding solutions when things go wrong. Here’s how you can support your customer service team with a few small upgrades to your custom web design. 

Will my business be more successful if I have more followers?
February 7th 2022

How many new followers or viewers are clicking through to your website and completing a sale? 

It’s important to remember that followers are not the same as customers, so true growth might not always involve creating content with mass appeal. Keep reading to find out more!