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12th October 2012
Some statistics
17,160 lines of bespoke code written
Updates history
13th May 2015
Improved homepage and a range of new features added
Updated homepage now contains all new header, integrated Google Reviews and a widget displaying company's partners.
We have also added testimonials page and updated footer with additional information.
23rd Mar 2015
Improved CMS and SEO. Additional features added
The project received a big update to its Content Management System, delivering additional site management features for administrator and improving website's SEO.
Furthermore, 'News and Alerts' page was added with an additional 'quick glance' section, found on the also significantly improved homepage.
21st Jul 2014
Donations counter
A donations counter was added to the header of the homepage as well as an additional module in the custom built CMS, enabling administrator to update it.
6th May 2014
Additional service, gallery page and CMS added
A brand new content management system was developed and added to the site, which since its launch date had only a static content.
Additionally, a new service - General Contracting - was added, making alterations to the home page.
And last but not least, a brand new gallery block was created, which enabled ATJ's team to share their work with the site's visitors.
12th Oct 2012
'Dream Designer' page added