Behind the design: Ahoy Naturally
October 23rd 2020

In this behind the design post, we’re turning back the clock to revisit one of our favourite ever custom brand design projects. Ahoy Naturally approached our team back in 2015 looking for the perfect branding to suit their growing business. To this day, it’s one of our team’s favourite logo projects, and we couldn’t help but show you more of our process on this one. 

How to choose the best design agency for your startup business
October 19th 2020

... and why Kartogram is the best choice for your next custom web design project!

Choosing your go-to design agency is a key step in establishing your startup business. It’s important to choose a custom web designer that you trust and that understands your story.

To get the best custom web design for your startup website, we’d recommend choosing a small design agency. To be more specific, we’d actually recommend choosing our small design agency, Kartogram. Here’s why…

Is my website boring?
October 14th 2020

Are you experiencing dwindling numbers of new leads from your website, but can’t work out why? This is one of the most common red flags that indicate a boring website

Here’s a list of other things you should watch out for and look to resolve in order to keep your customers interested in your online business. 

Should my website have a blog?
October 8th 2020

Wondering how to get your website visits on the rise and develop your brand voice at the same time? 3 words… Start a blog!

Is an integrated contact form right for my website?
October 5th 2020

How often have you looked through a website and had to actively search for contact details? If your business relies on building good customer relationships and communicating with your prospects, you might want to consider integrating a contact form into your website during your next custom web design project. Here’s why.

Happy 9th Birthday, Kartogram!
October 2nd 2020

We’d like to say a big THANK YOU! to all of our wonderful clients, both past and present. We couldn’t do what we do without you, so thank you for choosing Kartogram and letting our team run wild creating for your brands - we absolutely love it! 

Portfolio Picks: September 2020
September 30th 2020

This month’s top portfolio picks from the Kartogram team are some of our very favourites. Not only have we got some new custom web design updates to celebrate, we’ve revisited some great projects from the last few years. Take a look!

Top 3 things your new customers need to see on your website
September 28th 2020

If you’ve got a custom web design project coming up, take a look at our top 3 recommendations for what your customers need to see first. It could make the difference in landing you business!

Why your website copy is as important as the design
September 21st 2020

Have you been neglecting your website’s written content? Here’s why you should include a review of your website copy in your next custom web design project.

Why isn't anyone visiting my website?
September 18th 2020

Is your website struggling to gain traffic? Here are a few things that could be causing you problems.

5 things we need to know so we can build your dream website
September 15th 2020

When it comes to custom web design projects, one of the first questions that a lot of businesses have is “how much will it cost?”. In order for your web designer to be able to answer that question, you’ll need to give a bit more detail about what you’re looking for. To set your web designer (and yourself!) up for success with your web design project, have a think about the following things ahead of your first custom web design meeting...

Behind the design: Platinum Education Services
September 7th 2020

We recently completed a fantastic custom web design project for Platinum Education Services. The Kartogram team put together a completely fresh brand identity and full bespoke website in response to the brief from Platinum. We’re so happy with how it turned out that we thought we’d show you a little more from behind the design. 

Portfolio Picks: August 2020
August 31st 2020

It’s the end of the month once again, and that means it’s time for our team to hand pick some favourite projects to revisit. In this month’s portfolio picks, we’ve selected some of Kartogram’s top custom web design projects from the past!

How often should I redesign my website?
August 24th 2020

The most common recommendation for website redesign is every 2-3 years, however, in reality the shelf life of your site is completely unique to your business. Here at Kartogram, we’d advise that you should review your website as regularly as possible in order to keep it in the best working order. We assist businesses with all forms of website redesign, from small tweaks and edits to large and complex custom web design rebuilds. If you’d like to have a chat with our team about what we can do for you, contact Kartogram today.

What is responsive design and why does my website need it?
August 17th 2020

Responsive web design (RWD) is the term used to describe websites built with flexible capabilities, allowing sites to appear seamlessly and perfectly on any screen size or device. Custom web design components like text, logos, images, and blocks can all appear differently depending on the device used to load the website, adjusting to comfortably fit the given screen size with no errors or glitches. 

Seems like a simple idea, right? In this post we’ll briefly outline why this seemingly minor design element is majorly important to consider when it comes to custom web design. 

You know you need a web designer when...
August 10th 2020

It’s tricky to know when you need to get in touch with a web designer. Here are our top 10 indicators that you should get help with your custom web design.

Why do I need a website when I run my business through social media?
August 3rd 2020

So many new businesses start their journey on social media. Particularly for creators, showcasing work on these platforms can quickly turn into requests for products, commissions, and services. If you’ve started a small business on social media and want to ensure the growth of your concept and customer base, keep reading as we’ll explain why custom web design should be the next step for you. 

What's the difference between web design and web development?
August 1st 2020

In the business world you’ll often hear the words design and development used together, particularly where websites are concerned. From initial planning conversations through to implementation, it can be difficult to know when it’s appropriate to use these terms in the same breath and when you need to discuss them separately. What do design and development really mean in terms of the practicalities of your web project? How are they different? And which should you be referring to when you’re discussing your plans with your team?

Portfolio Picks: July 2020
July 30th 2020

Alongside the new projects that we’re currently busy completing, we’ve picked out some exciting throwbacks that you may have missed from our portfolio.

The number 1 quality to look for in your designer
July 19th 2020

So you’ve decided to approach a designer with your business needs. You’ve recognised that you can further your brand’s reach and increase conversion by investing in your online image. Fantastic! But where do you start? What qualities should you look for to ensure the best possible return on your design investment?

Our secret to e-commerce
July 9th 2020

Hosting your e-commerce on a platform site? Here’s why you should still get help from a web designer. 

Portfolio Picks: June 2020
June 30th 2020

Our monthly celebration of must-see Kartogram projects. Check out our favourite custom design projects that you might have missed! 

Behind the design: TidyRoom Records
June 26th 2020
We recently worked with TidyRoom Records on their brand identity and it’s been one of our favourite projects of the year so far. We had so much fun putting these custom designs together, we thought we’d show you a little more of the process and the inspiration behind the design. 

Optimising your collateral
June 17th 2020

We’ve all come away from conferences and meetings with armfuls of pens, tote bags, and badges. But how often do these freebies actively convert prospects into customers?

Could your branded collateral be securing better results?

Top 3 reasons why bespoke is better
June 2nd 2020

It’s easy to set yourself up with a website. A quick google; a choice of templates; add your pictures and off you go! However, the problem with using template formats like this is that you’re limiting your business. Don’t believe us? Here are our top 3 reasons why bespoke is better.

ColdFusion wsPublish tag and destroyed session variable
January 9th 2018

We are back with a solution to another, perhaps not so widely known bug. This time it’s a ColdFusion native bug involving its own websocket and session variables. Frankly, it was bugging us (no pun intended)  for the past 2 years. Here’s the problem in detail:

We are running an application that utilises ColdFusion’s native websockets functionality. In a most basic scenario, we run a cfcomponent with several functions to create a notification record and insert it in the database. Then, as one would, push it via the webscoket so all the connected users with the relevant permissions receive it instantaneously. All is nice and well, right? NO.

Animate div with max-height using CSS and jQuery
May 11th 2017

Recently we ran into an annoying problem. Say you have a div with some dynamic text. Sometimes the text is short, so should be displayed in its entirety. Other times - it’s too long, so should be partly hidden. However, differently from hiding the text completely and then using jQuery’s .slideDown() of simply .show(), we wanted to display first few lines of it and give user the ability to show the rest. Also, and this part is very important - the revealing of the whole text should be animated (sort of the .slideDown() effect).

Kartogram launches their brand new website
April 13th 2015

Kartogram New Website Launch

Kartogram’s new website has gone live! Go on, come and have a look around...!



Coldfusion LinkedIn API
March 2nd 2014

ColdFusion LinkedIn API

It’s been a while now that we were searching for a working ColdFusion LinkedIn API that would let users not only to receive data, but to submit some too. Although there were optional libraries such as linkedin-j, not everyone knows or wants to dip into the pure java world. Thanks to Derek Bowes, we stumbled across the LinkedIn.cfc which was a great plugin. The only trouble was that the plugin was already out of date since LinkedIn had updated their API in the second half of 2012, and now required member permissions were no longer a part of the original source code.

So we took the initiative to our hands and amended the plugin to allow users set the permissions required as well as the ability to post status updates.

Skip jQuery event for certain elements
October 4th 2013
2178 jquery event

So, the situation here is very straigth forward: you want to use $(document).one handler on something like pop-up settings box, which should be closed if user clicks anywhere outside of it. But what if the settings box in question has some elements inside it that need a separate handling and should keep the box open? Read inside on how to skip event in such cases.

Trim function for older IE browsers
July 27th 2013

Trim function for older IE browsers

If you use jQuery, you’ve certainly came across the trim() function. It’s the quickest and painless way to remove the white space from the beginning and end of a string. However as much as jQuery tries to cover cross-browser compatibility, there’s just this little that always gets missed out on. For a quick workaround read inside.

Photoshop week in 7 mind blowing tutorials
May 14th 2013

Photoshop Week

To mark the release of Photoshop CS6 (as well as the rest of the Creative Suite) we have combined the list of 7 tutorials that were posted everyday for a week on our social network pages. These tutorials covered everything from the photo manipulation to the step-by-step logo design. Just in case you have missed it, look inside for the full day-by-day list.

Remove outline property from the links (inc. IE6 & IE7)
May 2nd 2013

There are times when you create a navigation layout that just cannot bear the outline property that is being added by browsers. Although it is not an issue in most of the latest ones, some of the older browsers such as IE 6 & 7 can give you a bit of a hard time accepting your unwillingness to use its standards. However, just as any other ’bug’, this one’s got a solution too.

Hit ’read more’ to find out just how it can be solved in few simple steps.

Custom image zoom / lightbox plug-in
April 17th 2013

jQuery Image Zoom Plugin

An image zoom/lightbox plug-in built using jquery. If you require a simple image preview this plug-in may be just what you’re looking for. Plug-in uses no external CSS files or images yet giving you the whole variety of options for customisation.

jQuery Custom Content Scroller mobile extension [updated 18/03]
March 18th 2013

Familiar with malihu jQuery Custom Content Scroller? Or maybe even using it extensively on all the projects you lay your hands on? Read inside to find out how you can add mobile browser functionality to this otherwise extremely brilliant script.

Custom website font with @font-face
November 4th 2012

So you have designed and built the website polishing down every single curve and corner for it to look as fabulous as it was originally intended. Then upload it to the server and … surprise! It just doesn’t look like on your local machine. After performing a thorough investigation on your endless CSS files you realise, that in fact all that has changed is… FONT. Sounds familiar?

Read and process hash tag URL
September 17th 2012

Using hash tag links is a popular practice between AJAX calls based websites as hash tag URL extension can be easily changed without reloading the page. This post will show you how to read the part of URL after the hash tag and process it to the specified function. Read inside to see how it really works.

External hash tag link and Internet Explorer bug
September 14th 2012

If you are jQuery fan and building a web site with some animations you will (most likely) end up using hash tag links. But if you ever try to open them using external souce link you may bump into a very unpleasant surprise. Using the ’notorious’ Internet Explorer such links, once opened will automatically refresh the page at your very first click.

Look inside for a very simple workaround to this little, but quite annoying bug.

New partner - Intelligent Clout inc.
September 7th 2012

Kartogram partner - Intelligent Clout Inc

Let us introduce you to our new partner - Intelligent Clout Inc. These guys are all about online presence and marketing and with their expertise in a reach we are now able to offer even wider range of services

jQuery Custom Content Scroller custom scroll
September 5th 2012

If ever an idea of custom styled scrollbar crossed your mind you have probably heard of jQuery Custom Content Scroller plugin already. It works a treat in bringing your design to new heights. And in appreciation of this amazing plugin below you will find some code which will add that little bit extra of the missing functionality.

Scrolling to the custom parts of the page using combination of links and anchors.

ColdFusion AJAX style file upload without page refresh
July 7th 2012

Ever tried to create an AJAX-style ColdFusion file upload form which executes without reloading the page? This is our take on this widely popular technique. With the help of ColdFusion, jQuery and ’hidden’ iframe the following tutorial will show you how exactly you can achieve this.

The 'Hello World' post
June 29th 2012

Hello World from kartogram

Hi all. We are a little, Oxford-based web design and development agency providing bespoke solutions to clients who are looking for something a little out of the ordinary. 
This is our blog, a www space which will be used to reach out to our customers, fans and followers. We’ll be throwing in news, updates and tons of other useful tips, tricks and resources.