How great web design can help you to build a great reputation
March 12th 2023

There are no cheat codes or short cuts for building a great business reputation. Alongside a strong foundation of delivering consistency and continuity with your service and standards, great custom web design - when planned and implemented properly - can provide a welcome boost to building trust among your audience. 

What’s involved in designing and developing a custom website?
February 8th 2023

Want to know more about what goes into designing and developing a custom website? You’re in the right place - keep reading! 

Choosing a colour palette for your business branding
October 4th 2022

It can sometimes seem like websites with certain colour palettes get all the attention. A stylish colour palette can be the key to unlocking your business’s branding potential – so make sure that you spend the time making the right choice!

Portfolio Picks: June 2022
June 30th 2022

This month’s portfolio picks features some of our favourite projects that have involved third party website platforms. Take a look at these projects to learn more about how Kartogram can perform custom web design magic on your business’s template website. 

Where should I feature my logo?
June 14th 2022

So you’ve finished your first branding web design project and you’ve got a brilliant new logo ready to share. But where should you be placing your new design in order to get the most attention from prospective customers?