IQ Tax Appeals
Property Tax Reduction Software
Custom Web Application
10th September 2011
Some statistics
75,719 lines of bespoke code written
Updates history
14th Jan 2017
Appeal Auto-Filing Module added
4th Sep 2016
eSignature integration
Custom integration of Adobe's E-Sign electronic signatures feature
12th May 2016
Promotional Posters Module
A feature that allows IQ system to auto-generate promotional posters for successfully appealed properties
8th Jan 2016
Additional reports added
12th Dec 2015
Responsive Design
The entire application was upgraded to a responsive design
25th May 2015
System upgraded to v3.0
Updated and expanded algorithms to calculate lowest possible property tax bill. Additional feature packages for various business models added.
13th Sep 2014
Auto-generated PDF forms updated
17th Jul 2014
New user group added
A significant system update enabling the creation of a new user group - Attorneys.
3rd Feb 2014
Neighbourhood Lead Generator added
An automated tool was added to the system, scanning entire neighbourhood by a given address and producing a list of prospective properties with tax savings.
28th Jul 2013
IQ Tax Appeals v3 launched
The latest version of the system was launched including a new and beautifully unique multi-level-marketing based user management tool as well as a variety of new auto-generated legal PDF forms.
4th Apr 2013
New user account group created
6th Mar 2012
IQ Tax Appeals v2 launched