Probate Money
Advanced probate data search platform
Custom Web Application
29th April 2020
Some statistics
126,944 lines of bespoke code written
Updates history
30th Sep 2021
Property sales data added
A third-party API was integrated to serve property sales data along with all the already offered data points.
9th Oct 2020
2 new counties added
Additional 2 counties were added to the system now serving leads for Fresno and Sacramento
16th Sep 2020
DNC checks
System was expanded to feature DNC checks for all phone numbers served with the leads
9th Sep 2020
Marketing system
Marketing module featuring editable templates for various marketing materials was added to the system
28th Aug 2020
4 new counties added
Additional 4 counties were added to the system now serving leads for Alameda, San Francisco, San Joaquin and San Mateo.
22nd Jun 2020
Trusts section
An additional section featuring California Trusts leads was added to the system.
10th May 2020
Added CRM system
An integrated CRM system was added to the system allowing our subscribers to save select leads onto its separate interface where they can be annotated, followed up and otherwise interacted with.