Custom Web Applications

Whilst building custom web applications is wonderfully exciting, before we can get stuck in, we need to get our research hats on. The development team will want to know lots about your ideas so that we can put a project plan together.

Kartogram are interested in all project sizes, whether you’re after a small system to optimise the efficiency of your business or you want a full social media package. Each and every one of our applications is custom built from scratch to make sure that the end product fits perfectly with your project brief. Sometimes our clients come to us with great ideas that they’ve had but they’re struggling with implementing their visions - we love this kind of stuff and want to hear all of your thoughts, no matter how ’out there’ they are!

Each of our projects come with a custom built content management system. We can provide anything from full reporting tools, various document integrations such as PDF and Excel auto-generation, to unique user management modules. As standard, Kartogram provide comprehensive support and training with all finalised web applications. If you decide in the future that you want to expand your applications, just get in touch with us - we can always upgrade and tweak your systems down the line. 


With a Custom Web Application you receive:
Project Strategy
we'll guide you all the way from an idea to the finished project
Unique Design
inspired by and created for your business
Custom Development
taylored just for your project
And much more!
We can also design and build your brand identity, create stunning covers for your business's social network pages as well as advise you on social network campaigns. Require business cards, brochures or any other collateral? We can help you with it too.
Latest Projects
Bespoke Web Application for Harc
HARC is a non-profit organisation based in the USA, aiming to improve quality of life by helping community leaders use objective research and analysis to turn data into action.
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Bespoke Web Application for Furex
We've worked with Furex for a number of years now, having created their website and taken charge of their branding too. On top of all this, we've now also built them a bespoke loads logging application for their truck dispatchers.
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Bespoke Web Application for Probate Money
Probate Money
Probate Money's advanced, user friendly system converts raw probate lead data into a searchable format. Clients can subscribe to access the search platform, enjoying the benefits of clear data collected daily by the PM team.
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