Identity & Brand Design

Branding. A small word that is so very important to all businesses. 

Taking branding seriously is imperative to the success of your business. Your brand allows your customers to identify with your company, so it’s pretty serious (and exciting!) stuff.

At Kartogram, it is crucial that we understand what your business offers and the values that underpin your brand. This is why we will spend a lot of time researching your business and listening to your plans and expectations for your brand. This allows us to deliver the best possible branding solution as part of your longer term business strategy.

Kartogram can work with you on your logo, whilst at the same time, offering you a variety of different collateral designs, from business cards to brochures (and anything else you require!). As with all of our services, you don’t have to commit to a huge project in the first instance. Our clients often decide to start out with a new logo design and then come back to us in the future to help them with printed collateral and other branding requirements.

We also specialise in handling social media branding so as to ensure continuity across your entire brand. This is becoming increasingly necessary given the huge rise in businesses using social media to market their products and engage with their customer base.

With the above in mind, Kartogram can advise on full company branding guidelines and long term marketing strategies. 



With an Identity & Brand Design you receive:
Logo Design
we'll live your business until it is mirrored by its logo
Collateral Design
wether it is a business card or full size brochure
Social Networks Design
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube... we got you covered
And much more!
We can also design and build you a unique website or a complex web application, whatever your business requires. Have any other idea? Get in touch
Latest Projects
Identity and Brand Design for Oxford Language Centre
Oxford Language Centre
Oxford Language Centre supports students to learn British English from the heart of Marrakesh, Morocco. Students can learn to read, write, and speak British English through OLC's affordable courses.
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Identity and Brand Design for Kiznis Realty
Kiznis Realty
Kiznis Realty launched their business in October 2021, approaching Kartogram for support with their branding and identity to help build their organisation's online platform.
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Identity and Brand Design for Oxford School of Business
Oxford School of Business
Established in 2016, OSB deliver diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate qualifications that are UK Ofqual approved. With offices based in Oxford, UK as well as Egypt and Qatar, OSB specialise in delivering distance learning.
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