10 questions to ask yourself before you commit to your final design
November 5th 2020

So you’re coming to the end of your latest custom web design project and it’s time to pick your favourite design. We’ve put together 10 key questions you should ask yourself before you commit to your final decision! 

  1. Does the design suit your brand? Does the colour palette, text, and graphic content suit the story and feel of your business? 
  2. Where will you use this design and will it serve its purpose? Have you thought about where your custom web design will appear and what effect you want it to have on your prospective customer?
  3. Will the design fit with your customer base? What does your demographic look for in their chosen brand? Does your design fall in line with what your customers will value?
  4. Does this design fit with your original vision? Do you remember what you had in mind before your custom web design project started? 
  5. Are you happy with the amendments made? There’s every chance that the final designs don’t match identically with your original vision - are you happy with the changes made?
  6. Will the design be too expensive or difficult to reproduce? How will you adapt your custom web design for print, collateral, and other business needs? 
  7. Does your typeface tell your story? Think specifically about your text - does the lettering on your final design fit with your business voice?
  8. Will it hold up in comparison to your competitors? How does your custom web design stand out in comparison to your closest competitors? 
  9. Is everything legal? If you’ve got graphics or images in your design, are they being used legally under copyright law? 
  10. Do you like it? This is possibly the most important question of all. If you like your custom web design then you’ll have no problem being proud to share it with your customers. If you have any reservations at all, it’s worth revisiting your concerns for some final tweaks. 

If you’ve got a custom web design project coming up and are looking for a design agency to blow you away, give Kartogram a call. Our team would love to speak with you about your web design needs and what we can do to help.

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