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Upgrade ColdFusion FileManager plugin to TinyMCE 5
February 27th 2021

Recently we have chosen to upgrade our CMS systems to utilize the latest version of the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor (v5). Not that the 4th iteration of the plugin was any bad, but keeping up with the times is always advisable and therefore ought to be followed. Of course one of the custom plugins that we’ve been using for quite awhile has stopped working due to the changes in the new editor. The plugin in question is ColdFusion File Manager for TinyMCE 4. Find the full step by step guide on how to upgrade the plugin to support the latest iteration of the TinyMCE.

Animate div with max-height using CSS and jQuery
May 11th 2017

Recently we ran into an annoying problem. Say you have a div with some dynamic text. Sometimes the text is short, so should be displayed in its entirety. Other times - it’s too long, so should be partly hidden. However, differently from hiding the text completely and then using jQuery’s .slideDown() of simply .show(), we wanted to display first few lines of it and give user the ability to show the rest. Also, and this part is very important - the revealing of the whole text should be animated (sort of the .slideDown() effect).

Skip jQuery event for certain elements
October 4th 2013
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So, the situation here is very straigth forward: you want to use $(document).one handler on something like pop-up settings box, which should be closed if user clicks anywhere outside of it. But what if the settings box in question has some elements inside it that need a separate handling and should keep the box open? Read inside on how to skip event in such cases.

Remove outline property from the links (inc. IE6 & IE7)
May 2nd 2013

There are times when you create a navigation layout that just cannot bear the outline property that is being added by browsers. Although it is not an issue in most of the latest ones, some of the older browsers such as IE 6 & 7 can give you a bit of a hard time accepting your unwillingness to use its standards. However, just as any other ’bug’, this one’s got a solution too.

Hit ’read more’ to find out just how it can be solved in few simple steps.

Custom image zoom / lightbox plug-in
April 17th 2013

jQuery Image Zoom Plugin

An image zoom/lightbox plug-in built using jquery. If you require a simple image preview this plug-in may be just what you’re looking for. Plug-in uses no external CSS files or images yet giving you the whole variety of options for customisation.