5 things we need to know so we can build your dream website
September 15th 2020

When it comes to custom web design projects, one of the first questions that a lot of businesses have is “how much will it cost?”. In order for your web designer to be able to answer that question, you’ll need to give a bit more detail about what you’re looking for. To set your web designer (and yourself!) up for success with your web design project, have a think about the following things ahead of your first custom web design meeting:

What is your website for? 

Beyond simply hosting your business online, what is your website going to be for? What is its purpose?

Buying? Selling? Showcasing? Informing? Connecting people?

If you can explain not just what your business is about but what exactly you want your website to do (and how it plays into your business model), it’ll help your web designer to build your website with the functionality that’ll work for your business needs. 

Who is your website for? 

Who is your target audience and what action are you trying to get them to take?

Do you have multiple audiences and therefore multiple branding messages? 

By isolating your target audience and understanding the journey you want them to embark on with your business, you’ll identify what your website needs to do and what layout or functions will help it to perform at its best. 

How many pages with your website have and will you need help with your content? 

Do you have a layout in mind or an idea of how you want to present your information? 

If you have even a small idea of how you’d like your business to be presented on your website, this will help your web designer to picture the project and quote more accurately for the work they’ll complete. If you’d like assistance with copywriting or a review of existing copy for SEO, it’s also a good idea to mention it at this stage of the project. Again, this will help your web designer to quote you accurately for the money and time required.

What makes your business unique and what are your future goals?

Do you have a unique USP and a vision for how your business will grow once it’s online? 

Share this information with your web designer so that they can help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s changing the layout or mapping the website in a way that’ll make it easier to develop further in the future, your web designer can save you both time and money if they understand your goals. 

What is the budget and is there a deadline?

Do you have a launch date in mind? 

If you’re working with time or money constraints then it’s important to communicate this to your web designer as soon as possible. They can advise you on alterations to your website or which elements to prioritise within your custom web design project if you’re needing to be careful with spend. They’ll also give you an idea of whether your deadline is possible within their workload - this will help you to plan and organise other elements of your custom web design project such as visual and written content.

Is your business in need of custom web design support? Get in touch with the Kartogram team today to discuss your next project. We’d love to talk through your plans and help to make them a reality! 

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