Blog archive for October 2021
Portfolio Picks: October 2021
October 31st 2021

Each month the Kartogram team likes to reflect and celebrate the great projects we’ve completed over our ten years in the custom web design industry. It’s important to us that we’re not only creating beautiful bespoke web designs in the present and innovating our processes for the future - but that we’re grateful for what we’ve accomplished already too!

Why should I work with an independent web design agency?
October 20th 2021

If you choose to work with an independent custom web design agency, here are some of the best benefits you can look forward to enjoying.

Top 3 features to include on your next custom website design
October 12th 2021

For advice about which custom website features would suit your business’s online platform, get in touch with the Kartogram team today. We’d love to hear from you and help your business reach the next level through bespoke design!

Kartogram turns 10 years old!
October 2nd 2021

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. For the past 10 years we have been very lucky indeed” - Simon Dau, Kartogram Founder and Creative Director