Behind the design: Platinum Education Services
September 7th 2020

We recently completed a fantastic custom web design project for Platinum Education Services. The Kartogram team put together a completely fresh brand identity and full bespoke website in response to the brief from Platinum. We’re so happy with how it turned out that we thought we’d show you a little more from behind the design. 

Platinum Education Services is a family-owned higher education support consultancy based in Oxford, UK. First established in 2018, they came to us this year looking for a completely new look. We created a sleek and modern logo for their organisation, producing mock-ups for branded collateral in a range of colours to suit their needs. We carried this identity across to their custom built website, which went live just a few weeks ago. Take a look at full brand identity and website designs in our portfolio. 

We were given total freedom with our designs on this custom web design project, so we decided to use the Platinum Education Services name itself as our inspiration. Platinum is a naturally-occuring chemical element and precious metal recognised for its value. It’s silverish white in colour and is said to be 30 times rarer than gold. 

We chose to pair these platinum and gold tones in our design. Combining the rarity and quality represented by platinum with gold as a contrast colour, we were able to ensure a premium look for the finished concept that reflects the high standard of service and professionalism offered by Platinum Education Services

When it then came to designing the website for Platinum, we continued this colour palette across the site, incorporating orange as a bright contrast to catch the eye and draw customers towards the contact features embedded into the pages. We also incorporated this orange tone into the CMS format options, allowing the Platinum Education Services team to thread this highlight colour through future pages and ensure branding continuity. 

We were excited to see this custom web design project go live and are very pleased with the results. If you like what you see and you’d like to chat with us about your business’s website or brand identity, contact Kartogram today. Whether your custom web design requirements are large or small, we’re always happy to help!


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