Benefits of working with an independent web design agency
December 3rd 2020

Has 2020 got you thinking more about how you can support small businesses and local organisations? Here are just 5 of many reasons why you should choose an independent design agency for your next web design project. 

1. Knowledge and expertiseIn smaller custom web design agencies you’re more likely to work with individuals who have broad specialisms and wide ranging custom web design skills. With fewer staff than your average web design company or cooperation, independent design agency teams often double up on leading design elements and work regularly in different roles, for example across coding, copywriting, graphic designing, and formatting. This is a great advantage to you as the client as it becomes easier and quicker to ask for advice about different parts of your project. 

2. CreativityWeb designers working in the corporate world are at risk of falling into a creative routine, tweaking the brief or an existing design idea rather than working organically with their client to create something new. Within independent web design agencies, teams will take the time to get to know their client and fully understand their brief, working to fulfil business needs and enable growth aspirations through web design. This extra care and freedom of creativity ultimately produces web design with a deeper meaning. 

3. TimeNot only do independent web design agencies set aside the time to get to know their clients properly, they work quickly to produce results in time for deadlines and respond promptly to feedback. The process on the whole is therefore quick and efficient whilst still being personal and productive. What more could you ask for from your business’s web design agency? 

4. ReliabilityGood independent web design agencies have smooth processes and systems in place to ensure that client’s deadlines are met and expectations are exceeded. If your web designer has taken the time to understand you and your business, you can rely on them to ensure your project doesn’t exceed the budget or timescale you’re working with wherever possible! 

5. ValueThe combination of fast, thorough work and personal, friendly service means that you get the best of both worlds by choosing a bespoke web design agency. Independent creatives take care of everything you need them to whilst also building a long-lasting, meaningful relationship with you. This means that when you need web design support in the future they can get to work straight away without you worrying about the fate of your business!

Thinking about choosing a small independent web design agency for your next project? Why not check out the Kartogram portfolio to get a feel for our custom web design work. We’re a small, boutique agency based in Oxford, UK, and we love taking on new projects from all over the world. If you’d like to get to know us, we’d love to hear from you - get in touch today! 

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