Can I work with Kartogram if I'm not local to Oxford, UK?
January 17th 2021

The short answer? Yes, absolutely! 

Kartogram is a custom web design agency based in Oxford, UK, but we are happy to work with any client who needs our support - no matter where you or your business are based in the world. Here’s why (and how!) we continuously adapt our services to meet the needs of our clients. 

You may have noticed whilst looking through the Kartogram online portfolio that we’ve completed a whole range of different custom web design projects - both for clients based on our doorstep in Oxford as well for clients based elsewhere around the world. Of course, in order to maintain strong and successful relationships with all of our clients, we have to work in slightly different ways depending on where they are based - but this doesn’t stop us from creating amazing custom web design work every single time. 

Putting in that extra effort to cater to national and international businesses further afield as well as Oxford-based businesses has always allowed us to: 

Support our local communityby providing businesses immediately around us in Oxford with top quality custom web design and development. 

Keep our finger on the pulse of national and international design trends and industry changeswhich allows us to stay creative and current with our custom web design work. 

Grow and develop our network of clientsmeaning we can gain more custom web design experience and share what we’ve learnt with a wider audience. 

How do we do it and why does it matter? 

Well, it’s quite easy really. We get to know you. 

If you express interest in working with Kartogram, one of the first things we’ll do is set up a conversation where we can discuss you and your business. We’ll take the time to get to know your story and aspirations for the future; your custom web design goals and what you want to achieve through your project with Kartogram; and the logistics of where and how you work. This allows us to put together a project timeline with goals and touch points based around you. We’re here to make your life as easy as possible when it comes to custom web design for your business - and for us at Kartogram that includes being mindful of your availability, priorities, preferred method of communication, and your timezone. 

Because of our longstanding success with clients outside of the Oxford area, the Kartogram team was able to adapt quickly when Covid-19 disrupted face-to-face client meetings last year. We have been able to continue providing outstanding service and support to our local clients by bringing our international work methods closer to home - using video calls, phone calls, and tailored communication to provide updates and ensure that all custom web design projects can still go ahead as planned. We’re incredibly proud of all we’ve achieved in striving for the best experience for our clients, and it’s truly paid off in how we’ve maintained our high standards of service throughout this past year - for all of our clients alike. 

Whether you’re local to Oxford or based elsewhere in the world, Kartogram can provide you with amazing results when it comes to custom web design and development for your business. Don’t believe us? Get in touch today and let us tell you more.

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