Dos and Don'ts of holiday web design
December 15th 2020

We’re well into the holiday season now and lots of businesses have started showcasing their winter web designs across websites and social media. Here are Kartogram’s key dos and don’ts for holiday custom web design. 


Do your research: Find out about trends for the current year and make sure that your latest seasonal custom web designs fit in with these trends. Sometimes themes and trends continue on from the previous year, so make sure that you look at whether any of your existing designs from previous seasons can be tweaked to suit the current design climate - this can often be cheaper, quicker and look just as good! 

Plan around your products: Have you planned which of your products or services will be on promotion this holiday season? Make sure that your holiday designs showcase these key elements and build your seasonal custom web design around them! 

Be consistent: If you’re changing the look on your website or posting seasonal content on your social media, make sure you update vice versa and ensure that your branding is consistent across all of your platforms. Nothing kills the holiday spirit like inconsistency! 


Forget about traffic: With sales, offers, and promotions comes (hopefully!) an increase in traffic to your website. Make sure that you plan for this eventuality and ensure that your website can cope with the influx of visitors from your holiday campaigns. 

Ignore UX: Remember to tweak your holiday designs to fit appropriately across every screen. Responsive web design isn’t just important for the foundations of your main platforms, it needs to continue through to your seasonal custom web design projects too. 

Fall into cliché: It’s easy to fall back on candy cane and snowflake designs, but be careful not to rely on these motifs to get you through the holiday season. Strong and successful holiday custom web design comes from creativity and imagination - try to challenge yourself to create something new each year, even if you’re building on the success of a past custom web design success. 

If your business is new to seasonal custom web design and you could do with some advice, why not get in touch with the team at Kartogram? Our team are all dedicated design professionals who have seen their fair share of seasonal custom web design successes - why not let us give you some advice or, even better, take the stress away completely by designing your holiday promotions for you this year?

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