How custom website features can support your service
September 18th 2021

One of the key elements missing from template website design is the ability to customise features across your business platforms. Whilst custom web design features aren’t essential for your business website, they can be the making of significant growth and customer retention when used in the right way. When correctly incorporated, custom web design features massively impact the customer experience - improving the user experience (UX) on your website and making your brand that bit easier for potential customers to engage with. Here are a few clever features that you could consider for your business website, next time you’re due to upgrade your custom web design: 

Geo-location services - Geo-location services allow your website to access the geographical location of the person visiting. Not only is this useful for understanding the demographic of your audience and the reach of your business, you can integrate a customer’s geo-location to other website features. For example, you can programme contact forms to automatically complete a user’s city or phone number country code. You can also use geo-location information to suggest your customer’s nearest branch, most local contact details to use, and estimated delivery times. 

Responsive design - We’ve mentioned the benefits of responsive design in previous blog posts, but we’re going to mention it again as it’s one of the easiest and most important custom web design features to include on your site! Beyond being responsive to screen size and device, your website can also be designed to respond to smaller elements. For example, contact form fields requiring number information can be designed to open the number keyboard. When thinking about responsive design, it’s worth asking your custom web designer to include these smaller details - you’ll be surprised how much UX can improve with these special touches!

Widgets and industry extras - If your industry is niche or if your business is reliant on particular market details, why not include widgets and additional information directly on your website so that your customers can easily gather the information they need to engage with your brand. The more comprehensive your website can be, the longer customers will spend browsing and the greater reliability you’ll build as a business. Sounds well worth it, right? 

If you’re interested in maximising the value of your custom website design and building a greater customer experience across your online platforms, get in touch with Kartogram today. We can talk you through the best website features to include for your business based directly on customer needs. Great design starts with great conversation, so contact Kartogram and let’s get talking!

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