How far will your designer go to get things right?
May 4th 2021

When you enter into a custom web design project and have a specific idea of what you’d like to see in the end result, it can be difficult to stray away from the design you’ve imagined. Sometimes, your custom web designer can’t get everything right the first time - but how far should you expect your designer to go when it comes to producing designs that exactly match what you’ve imagined? 

Here at Kartogram our answer is as far as possible

Our recent project with Ouch Proofers is a great example of how our design team are always willing to go above and beyond their brief - working tirelessly to ensure all of our clients are thrilled with every single design we create. 

The Ouch Proofers project was made up of multiple elements - one of which was their custom logo and brand design. In total, the Kartogram team produced over 144 logo designs over the course of the project, not because our concept didn’t hit the mark with the Ouch Proofers team, but because we will always continue to tweak our designs until our client is 110% in love with the products we have created. 

When it came to Ouch Proofers, we designed over 50 variations of both the long and badge logo mockups, experimenting with the colour and font until the team were 100% happy. 

Throughout the process, we mocked up our logo designs against the bespoke website we were simultaneously building. This allowed the Ouch Proofers team to see their logo in context and make an informed decision about their final design choices. 

If you’d like to learn more about what Kartogram can do for your business, get in touch with us today. If you’ve got a design in your head and need an experienced custom web design team to make it a reality - Kartogram is the design partner for you! 

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