How long does a custom web design project take to complete?
May 23rd 2021

There’s no formula when it comes to design. The process for creating custom web design products is completely unique every time (and if done correctly, so are the designs themselves!).

Whilst it’s impossible to guarantee how long a custom design project will take to complete from start to finish, there are a few variables that will certainly impact the project length. These are: 

  • Project type - As you’d imagine, the length of your project will depend on the type of custom web design product you’ve commissioned. A logo or branding project is likely to have a quicker completion length compared to a custom website or bespoke business application. This isn’t always a rule, though, as every project is different!
  • Lead in time - Have you been clear from the start about what you want? Your custom web designer will need a solid idea and sense of direction before getting started with the rest of the design process. If they have to come back to you for further information or to discuss options, this will add time to the length of your project. 
  • Feedback speed - Similarly, your custom web designer will rely on your prompt feedback and comments in order to progress the project through to completion. If you’re slow to respond to questions or mockups, you’re likely increasing the overall length of the process - your designer will keep the project on hold until you respond. 
  • Features and extras - Depending on the complexity of the custom web design product you’ve chosen, extra features and functions will add to the development time of the finished product. Whether it be an embedded integration on your website, a secondary version of your branding materials, or an extra function on your web application - these things all take extra time to develop and test, therefore delaying the finish date for your project.

If you’ve got a custom web design project of any kind on the horizon and are looking for a new design partner to produce products that exceed your expectations, you’ve come to the right place. Kartogram is always open to new projects and opportunities, big or small, and would love to hear more about your business and your story! Get in touch today.

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