How much research should I do as a client?
March 23rd 2022

The best custom web design projects come from informed and creative conversations between client and designer. In order to ensure that your collaboration is the best it can be, how much research is the right amount for you to be doing as a client? 

It’s important that as a business owner you can have your say in your custom web design projects and help to lead from the front in terms of ideas and vision. That being said, it’s the job of a custom web designer to make your brand customer-ready in terms of its functionality and user experience - and sometimes that involves tweaking the initial idea. Here are some thoughts from the Kartogram team about how far to go with your research, when it’s most helpful to be flexible, and why a little bit of knowledge can go a long way when you’re talking with your custom web designer. 

What research should I do to get my project off to a good start? 

Prior to making contact with your custom web designer, do some research into what sort of product you’re looking for and collate some examples of finished custom web designs that you like - whether they be for the visual design, user functionality, layout, or features. That way, your designer has a basis to work from when the time comes to developing your idea into a finished product. 

It’s also a good idea to do some research online in relation to your time frame. Of course, every designer is different and depending on your starting point there it’ll always be hard to guarantee a finish date for your project. However, having a broad idea of whether the ask for your project will match with the deadline you’re working to can save having a difficult conversation with your designer later down the line. Going into your project with a flexible expectation for timings can be a godsend, saving both you and your designer a lot of stress. 

Research into your options for custom web designers can also be a key part of securing your desired outcome from your project. There are loads of web designers and developers out there who have different skills and experience - choosing a partnership that will best support you and your goals is arguably one of the most important parts of research that you can do! 

For more information about how to build a great client/designer relationship, or to talk about how Kartogram can support your next custom web design project, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today. 

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