How often should I redesign my website?
August 24th 2020

The most common recommendation for website redesign is every 2-3 years, however, in reality the shelf life of your site is completely unique to your business. Here at Kartogram, we’d advise that you should review your website as regularly as possible in order to keep it in the best working order. We recommend setting aside some budget little and often so that you can commit to upgrading your website as and when it needs it - whether this be small changes every few months or a larger custom web design project a year or two down the line. Copy, pages, and features should all be upgraded regularly if you want to stay ahead of your competitors and achieve business growth. Ensure that your online presence is up to standard by revisiting it frequently, keeping in mind: 

Security and maintenance

You should revisit your security set-up more regularly than every 2-3 years. Particularly if your website processes personal data or features e-commerce (using card details and transactional information), you should prioritise keeping your site as secure and safe as possible. Always keep an eye on new laws and guidelines, making tweaks to your website so that you’re operating with consumer safety coming first. Small updates to your website operation can also help to ensure it runs at optimum speed. Even if there’s nothing wrong with your website, small acts of maintenance can help to ward off problems and keep your site performing well in the marketplace. 

Functionality and UX

It’s important to upgrade your website as soon as it no longer works the way you want it to. Whether it’s from a back office viewpoint and your CMS needs redesigning, or from a front end perspective and you need to improve the UX for your customers - it’s worth investing in changes as you go along so you can increase your conversion rates and ensure user satisfaction. There’s no harm in redesigning if your customers would benefit from a different layout or selection of features on your website. 


If you’re getting bored of your look, find yourself shying away from recommending your website, or prefer the look of your competitor’s website then it’s time for an upgrade. Your website should feel sleek and modern - the more inviting it looks then the more customers will enjoy exploring your brand. You should feel proud to show off your website, particularly if it’s the only online presence for your business. Investing in custom web design and branding support could be the change your business has been waiting for!

Remember to plan long-term if you can. Understand that websites require consistent evaluation and improvement - you shouldn’t be waiting for an unexpected crash to push you to redesign. Your website is an investment and as your business grows, your website should too. 

Here at Kartogram we assist businesses with all forms of website redesign, from small tweaks and edits to large and complex custom web design rebuilds. We’re passionate about working with you to get your website exactly how you want it to be. If you’d like to have a chat with our team about what we can do for you, contact Kartogram today.

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