How can community hashtags help your business reach?
February 24th 2021

Are your hashtags connecting your business with the right audiences? 

Hashtags feature on most social media platforms. In 2021, it’s important to make sure your social media posts are hashtagged in the right way to ensure that your brand is reaching the most relevant audiences. 

To make the most out of your hashtags and widen the reach of your business on social media, make sure that you’re using thoughtful community hashtags as well as branded ones specific to your business (such as your brand name or campaign slogan). 

Community hashtags are hashtags that bring together users with similar interests. Whether it’s a hobby, a subject, or a saying, tapping into the collective interests of your audience can really help the exposure of your business. Used correctly, they’re a great way for you to connect with users, improve the searchability of your posts, gain followers, and grow the community around your brand. There are 9 main types of community hashtags that are key for businesses to make the most of. These are: 

1. Hashtags describing your product or service - #logoor #designagency

2. Hashtags describing your industry niche - #webdesigneror #logodesigner

3. Hashtags for Instagram communities in your industry - #designersofinstagramor #instadesign

4. Hashtags for special events or new seasons - #nationaldesigndayor #springdesign

5. Hashtags containing locations - #oxforddesignor #madeinoxford

6. Daily hashtags - #mondaymotivationor #fridayfeeling

7. Hashtags with key phrases or philosophies relating to your work - #getcreativeor #letsdesign

8. Acronym hashtags - #qotd(quote of the day) or #dotd(design of the day)

9. Hashtags containing emojis - #♥

Here at Kartogram, we’d recommend using a combination of these hashtags on your social media posts. Think about your target audiences and how you can best capture their search interests. For example, Kartogram may use #webdesignto reach users interested in online design specifically and then #independentbusinessto capture small businesses who may be looking for a design agency.

We hope that this helps!

If you are a business looking for a design agency to partner with, get in touch with Kartogram today - we’d love to hear from you!

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