I can’t choose between the designs my web designer has created for me - what should I do?
May 19th 2021

Sometimes custom web design projects are straightforward and can be completed in a matter of weeks. Other times, large and complex projects can take months to work through from start to finish. What happens when you reach the final stages of your project and you can’t choose between the two or three final designs your web designer has proposed? 

Here at Kartogram, we get it. Custom web design and development is a big deal and often one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your business. Here’s how we’d suggest you go about narrowing down your options and committing to your final design!

Remind yourself of what your business is all about

When choosing your final custom web design, think about your core business values and the story you’re trying to tell. Which design shows it more clearly? 

Putting your brand values at the forefront of the decision-making process can be a massive help when it comes to choosing what’s most appropriate - not only if you like both final designs, but also if you really like one over the other! Cross-checking any and all custom web designs against your business values can help you to ensure your choices are best for the brand, not just for your personal taste. 

Think about your business goals

Which of the final custom web designs in front of you best reflects your intentions for the project. Which one best reflects your intentions for the future? Are they the same design? 

Good custom web design is design that will last you - perhaps not forever, but for the foreseeable future. A good web designer will ask you about your goals at the start of your project, both for the project outcome and for the future of your business. With your answers in mind, they will create you either a design that’s fit for both purposes, or a design that can easily be updated and added to as your business grows and changes. See if you can spot this in the final designs in front of you - if you’ve got the right design partner, you’ll find your answer!

Still struggling? Tell your designer! 

If you’ve run through the questions above and still can’t commit to either of the final designs you’ve been given, it’s so important to tell your designer and be honest about why you’re not sure. Maybe you like elements of both designs and would like a final design that combines the options you’ve been given. If you’re completely lost, maybe your designer can give you some advice about what they think might work for you. Try to be as articulate as you can about what you do and don’t like as this will help your custom web designer to work through some further options. For more advice about how to give your web designer feedback, see our blog post

If you’ve got a new custom web design project coming up and want your business to benefit from the best custom web design service out there, get in touch with the Kartogram team to find out more about how we can help you. Our extensive experience designing and developing for businesses all over the world means we’re well-equipped to take on any challenge - Kartogram could be the answer to your custom web design prayers!

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