New partner - Intelligent Clout inc.
September 7th 2012

Kartogram partner - Intelligent Clout Inc

Let us introduce you to our new partner - Intelligent Clout Inc. These guys are all about online presence and marketing and with their expertise in a reach we are now able to offer even wider range of services!

There’s what Intelligent Clout Inc. got to say:

"Wonder what happens when you hand your business card to somebody you hope to do business with? Before you even consider following up, your prospect will do one thing that is going to decide the nature of your future interactions--Google you. Typing the name of your company (and yours as an individual) into a search engine is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to quick decisions on choosing goods and service providers.

Is your company easy to find online? What type of information your prospects are going to see? Is a message about your company is clear and consistent? Is your social media presence boosts your credibility or discredits both you and your company?

If you’re conscious about these issues while handing your business cards or sending out any type of marketing material, you need to talk to Intelligent Clout Inc. Our company was created with small and medium businesses in mind. Our mission is to be your personal, flexible, and always reachable marketing strategist, publicist and most avid promoter. From ideas to execution, our job is to make you visible and make you look good on the World Wide Web."

And if you wonder what are those extra services that gonna spice up your experience with kartogram there’s a neat list for you:

  • Online visibility campaigns
  • Content development
  • Article marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Facebook ads & social media
  • Data acquisition/list building (bypassing captchas, capturing & analyzing data)


and more...

So now, with our design skills and experience and Intelligent Clouts’ online marketing expertise we will help you build a strong and recognisable brand

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