Is my website boring?
October 14th 2020

Are you experiencing dwindling numbers of new leads from your website, but can’t work out why? This is one of the most common red flags that indicate a boring website.

Here’s a list of other things you should watch out for and look to resolve in order to keep your customers interested in your online business. 

Lack of images, graphics, or design structureAlthough modern and simplistic custom web design is incredibly popular in the current market, there’s a difference between simplicity and plain. Empty-looking websites appear outdated and unprofessional, and will very quickly put your customers off trusting your business. If your website is lacking images or even lacking in design structure (for example having big chunks of unbroken text without breaks or graphics), this could be why potential customers are losing interest in your space. 

High bounce rates and low conversionThis means that potential customers are visiting your website but are leaving before they’ve viewed multiple pages or made an enquiry with you. If you’re experiencing this problem, it’s likely that your content isn’t working in the right way to keep your customers engaged and interested. Ensure that you’re producing copy that is direct, search engine optimised, and easy to digest. If you’re not engaging your customers through your copy and custom web design, they’ll struggle to invest in your story. 

Lack of integrationIf your potential customers can’t see your social media or blog posts easily from your home page, your business may appear generic and impersonal. Your website should work to tell your story, and creating relatable and unique content through your social media and blog will help you to stand out and keep your customers curious. Use your custom web design as an opportunity to show these personal elements of your business off - there’s no use in making your unique qualities difficult to find.

Businesses constantly grow and change. Part of what being a good business owner means is being in tune with the market, your audience, and growing trends and being able to evolve your business in line with what’s relevant - and websites are no different. They act as a direct extension of your business and often form the backbone of your online presence (alongside your social media accounts). If you’re happy to adapt and be flexible with your business, then why not keep your custom web design new and fresh as well?

If you’re reading this and are worried that your website might be getting a little stale and boring, contact the Kartogram team today. We’ll give you advice about your custom web design and work with you to develop your ideal website. Let us help you breathe life back into your online business!

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