It's time for a rebrand - where do I start?
July 22nd 2021

Your branding is a key element that influences how your customers perceive your business. To get the most from your custom web design and fully optimise your business’s branding, here are a few top tips from the Kartogram team as to what to tackle first in your next custom web design project:

Redefine your values

To get the best out of your rebrand, take your business plan back to basics and redefine your values, mission, and goals. These could be the same and when you first started your business, or they may not. Either way, establishing what your business aims to achieve will feed directly into a successful rebrand project as you can use these to ensure your custom branding helps to spread your message. 

Know your audience

Following on from this, knowing your audience will help you to organise your custom rebrand project. Analyse your customer base and how it has or hasn’t changed since you began your business - is your current demographic the only market you’re hoping to reach? How can you expand your audience through your custom web design branding?

Decide your range 

How big is the scope of your custom rebrand project? Knowing whether your focus is just on your logo or if you’ll be tackling your entire brand identity in a more cohesive rebrand is key to helping you manage your time. If you’re upgrading just one element, it’s important that your new custom web design falls in line with your existing branding. If you’re completely reimagining your brand identity and you have the opportunity to start from scratch, it’s again important that you ensure to keep things cohesive as you progress.

For more advice about rebranding your business and what makes a great brand identity, get in touch with the Kartogram team today. We are here to support you through your rebrand, every step of the way - from logo design to branding strategy, Kartogram can help to elevate your business to the next level. Contact the Kartogram team directly to learn more. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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