Portfolio Picks: November 2020
November 30th 2020

This November we’ve been working hard with plenty of new and ongoing projects - all exciting things that we can’t wait to share with you in the future! In the meantime, here are some selected portfolio projects from Kartogram’s past and present to keep you going into December… 

1. HARCHARC is a non-profit organisation based in the USA, aiming to improve quality of life by helping community leaders use objective research and analysis to turn data into action. HARC approached the Kartogram team for a complete redesign of their application system. 60,000+ lines of codes later, we’ve done it! Take a look at what we achieved here

2. EdenasEdenas (derived from an English word eden) is an online store based in Lithuania. We were hired to produce a logo that captures their obsession with shopping. Logo also features an apple hanging from the tree, which is a reference to the forbidden fruit from the Old Testament. We love the look of our final design - take a look in our portfolio

3. MacevaMaceva are a small group of dedicated individuals involved in maintaining and documenting photographs of the last remaining Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania. We were approached to re-design and re-build their existing website back in 2016, expanding it to feature a huge database of the cemeteries as well as a shopping-cart type donations engine. See the full project here

4. SyntexSyntex is a Chicago based distributor of Syntex Classic, a high quality roofing underlayment. The founders of Syntex have been in the roofing business for over 10 years. In order for Syntex to fulfil the needs of their client base, we were approached to develop a fully responsive and unique website, incorporating a custom Content Management System. We loved incorporating the black and orange colour palette into our designs. View the portfolio entry here

5. MENAMENA is the sister company of IGES, an Education Consultant specialising in facilitating overseas education for international students from the middle east and North Africa. We took on this brand identity project back in 2015. The logo itself uses a triangle design, with the triangles symbolising all of the countries that MENA represent. Take a look at the final mock-ups here

Are you liking what you see? Have you got an existing or future plan for a business that needs design support? 

At Kartogram we love taking on new projects and offering consultation services to large and small organisations, and we’d love even more to hear from you! 

Feel free to take a look through the rest of our portfolio if you’re looking for design inspiration, or to get in touch with our team directly to chat about how we can help your business grow.

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