The number 1 quality to look for in your designer
July 19th 2020

So you’ve decided to approach a designer with your business needs. You’ve recognised that you can further your brand’s reach and increase conversion by investing in your online image. Fantastic! But where do you start? What qualities should you look for to ensure the best possible return on your custom web design investment?

Of course, there are plenty of qualities that you should value highly when picking the right web designer for the job. But in order to get the best results, we’d recommend that you prioritise communication. Here’s why: 


1. Clarity The more you communicate with your web designer from the offset, the clearer you’ll both be about the nature of the job in hand and the best way to achieve your goals. If your web designer understands what your business is all about, they’ll find it easier to help you tell your story and you’ll be more pleased with the outcome. Be clear about your business and the direction you wish to take so that your designer can create you the best possible product.


2. Honesty By opening up this conversation with your designer about your business, you’ll receive honest advice about what will and won’t work on a design front. You’ll get an insight into what you can achieve and how best to achieve it. Plus, your designer will use experience from similar projects in their portfolio to help you avoid common mistakes. The more you discuss, the more insight you’ll gain as to how your custom web design project is likely to pan out. Your expectations can then be realistic. 


3. Transparency If you have clear and direct communication with your web designer, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to talk about time and money. It’s really important to share the budget and deadline constraints for your project, so that your designer can make sure they’re providing the most appropriate service for you. Again, this is all about managing expectations. Custom web design projects are rarely a straightforward journey from A to B and you shouldn’t go looking for a firm price from the outset, but talking with your designer about their rates early on will help you to ensure you’re both on the same page. The more open you are with your dialog about money and time, the more confident you can feel in the service you’re committing to. Having an idea of rates will also help you to make decisions about tweaks and changes further down the line. 


Ultimately, communication is often the key to success. The line of communication between you and your web designer is invaluable - enabling you to resolve problems easily; keep in touch throughout each project; and ensure the end product is something that you’re happy with. When you come to choose a web designer for your next project, have a think about who you can talk to easily and who takes the time to understand your story. It might just be the difference between okay results and exceptional ones. 

Want to know a secret? Here at Kartogram we’re great at talking! Get in touch with us today and let’s have a chat about your brand. See how much good a simple conversation can do - we dare you! 

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