Optimising your collateral
June 17th 2020

We’ve all come away from conferences and meetings with armfuls of pens, tote bags, and badges. But how often do these freebies actively convert prospects into customers?

Could your branded collateral be securing better results?

Our top tip for choosing branded collateral is to start at the end: think about your target audience and the customers you’re wanting to attract. If you have a good idea of your audience, it becomes easier to create products that they’ll keep and appreciate. This goes for both your current client market and any new market segments you’re hoping to attract.

Consider whether your choice of collateral will help to get the message across about your business. How effective is your product in telling your story?

It may help to consider merchandise that moves away from traditional stationary or office equipment, but equally, be careful not to spend your budget on novelty for the sake of it. You can work out what will best suit your customers by understanding their needs and habits. A fun novelty item can be great for getting your brand noticed, but if you know that your customers work long hours an the office then don’t shy away from offering a traditional branded coffee mug!

It’s all about knowing your audience. A thoughtful piece of branding implies you’re a thoughtful business.

Keep ROI in mind when committing to collateral. Could spending a little extra on better quality products increase the respectability of your brand?

The decision you make about quality says a lot about your business. It may be tempting to opt for large quantities of cheaper collateral, but you could be missing an opportunity to positively portray your brand. Consider paying that little bit extra for an eco-friendly version of your merchandise, like a reusable coffee cup or a metal water bottle.

Small decisions like these can add significant value to your reputation as a business - not only are you providing your customers with durable, usable products, but you’re showing an awareness of wider issues too. A chance to show off your ethics could well be worth that small increase in budget.


Has this article got you thinking about your business? Here at Kartogram, we offer a full range of custom design services, including bespoke marketing collateral. If you think your merchandise offer could do with a re-vamp then get in touch with us today.

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