Will my custom web designer create content for me?
January 17th 2022

The short answer is yes - most custom web designers will create content for your website or social media platforms if you ask them to, providing you’re clear about what you want!

How much research should I do before starting a custom web design project?
January 10th 2022

With so many template website building tools out there it can be easy to pull together a business platform without carefully considering how to make sure it’s truly fit for purpose. To get it right, the key is in the research! 

Signs of good custom web design
January 4th 2022

Are you thinking about building a custom website for your business but aren’t sure where to start? Are you unclear on what makes good custom web design, but want to make sure that your project is a successful investment? Keep reading for Kartogram’s top 3 indicators of good custom web design. 

Portfolio Picks: December 2021
December 31st 2021

Wow - where has 2021 gone? It’s the end of another fantastic month - and year! - at the Kartogram custom web design agency. In the final month of 2021, our team decided to revisit two of our all time favourite custom web design projects. Do you remember these?

Is it time to review your business's branding?
December 22nd 2021

By pausing to evaluate what has been working and what hasn’t, you can ensure that you make the most of opportunities for your business and streamline your journey to success!