The best website features for great customer service
February 14th 2022

Delivering great customer service relies on having an empathetic and engaged team who are sensitive to customer needs and confident in finding solutions when things go wrong. Here’s how you can support your customer service team with a few small upgrades to your custom web design. 

Online chat service

Many businesses are opting to integrate web chat functionality to their online custom web platforms, offering their customers an additional route for communication that is often more convenient and discrete. Online web chat features can be customised to fit around business needs and capabilities - the ability to set out of hours messages and automatic forwarding to an inbox when advisors aren’t available is just one way that your business can manage the addition of web chat without it taking over day to day operations.

Customer service platform integration

By introducing a customer service platform to your online custom web design, you can manage your enquiries and conversations easily through a web ticket system. Your advisers can oversee response times and keep the customer experience at its best by working through a clear ticket list, with the functionality to add attachments to aid customer service. Customer service platforms can be built from scratch or integrated using a third party provider - speak to your custom web designer to decide which option might be right for your business.  

Versatile CRM

Most good quality custom web designs will feature a CRM system that allows business owners to manage their online platforms and update content as little or often as they like. CRMs can also be upgraded to support a business’s customer service needs, for example, linked customer enquiries that use the same contact details so the team can easily identify returning customers and multiple enquiries. Small additions to CRM functionality like this can massively boost the standard of customer service that teams can provide.

To find out more about how your custom web design could be improved to support your business’s customer service, get in touch with Kartogram today. Our team has years of experience helping businesses to boost the quality of their online platforms - chat with our team and find out what we can do for you!

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