Portfolio Picks: June 2022
June 30th 2022

This month’s portfolio picks features some of our favourite projects that have involved third party website platforms. These sites like Shopify and WordPress are a great way to save money on a completely bespoke website. What’s more, template designs like the ones featured on these platforms can be modified and customised by a custom web designer - allowing you to achieve a great finished look with professional branding for a fraction of the price. Take a look at these projects to learn more about how Kartogram can perform custom web design magic on your business’s template website. 

Fashion StradaFashion Strada is a fine jewellery retailer and designer based in California, USA. This well-established fashion brand handcrafts unique and natural jewellery pieces in their downtown LA studio - using responsibly sourced gemstones and diamonds to keep their business ethical as well as stylish. Kartogram first partnered with Fashion Strada back in 2018, designing the team a website that went on to increase sales so much that we went back in for a redesign in 2019! Our Fashion Strada projects are great examples of how great custom web design can take a third party platform website to the next level. On both occasions we have completely transformed the design and layout of Fashion Strada’s website, without having to complicate the process with new URLs and redirect links. Take a look at both projects in the Kartogram online portfolio

Genial DayGenial Day is a premium feminine hygiene brand chosen by over 1,000,000 women across the world. Since the launch of Genial Day back in 2009, the team’s high-performing, organic products have transformed the European market and, over the last five years, taken the American market by storm. Kartogram joined forces with Genial Day in 2019, taking on a website redesign project and completely overhauling Genial Day’s existing Shopify platform. Whilst the URL and host site remained the same, the layout, branding, and functionality have been completely transformed and reimagined in line with Genial Day’s business needs. The finished designs are professional and eye-catching - you’d never guess the website hasn’t been designed from scratch! The full designs are up in the Kartogram online portfolio - let us know what you think.

Is your business website currently hosted on a third party platform? Are you relying on template designs to tell the story of your brand? It’s time to talk custom web design with Kartogram - learn more about how your template site can be redesigned to work for you. Contact us today to get talking with our friendly and experienced team. 

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