Remove outline property from the links (inc. IE6 & IE7)
May 2nd 2013

There are times when you create a navigation layout that just cannot bear the outline property that is being added by browsers. Although it is not an issue in most of the latest ones, some of the older browsers such as IE 6 & 7 can give you a bit of a hard time accepting your unwillingness to use its standards.

To begin with, removing outline from one particular link using CSS requires this simple code:

Or to remove it from all of them all together:

And if you want to make sure that the outline will not appear even if you are using IE6 or IE7, add jQuery (if you haven’t yet anyway) and use the following code to remove it from a singular link:

Or to remove it from all of the links all together:

Please note using the jQuery solution no longer requires using the CSS one. Although it never hurts to put both just to avoid any rare case scenarios.


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