Should stick with 1 designer for all of my business needs?
April 14th 2021

The short answer? Yes!!

We are often approached by businesses who already have permanent designers or marketeers working in-house, but require help filling design gaps that can’t be fulfilled by the existing team. Whilst it’s great to have dedicated individuals in your business who can tend to ongoing web design needs, the most successful custom web design projects are those looked after by a single web designer. That’s why when it comes to your design aspirations, if you know that a project can’t be fully managed in-house, we’d always recommend outsourcing the entire job. Here’s why: 

  • ConsistencyEvery web designer has a unique style and can use different methods to develop and design custom web products. This means that when you use a combination of in-house and agency designers, both the style and function of your final product is at risk of falling short due to inconsistent project leadership. Using 1 designer ensures that you have a complete and successful product, built with your business in mind and designed unwaveringly around your brand voice.
  • QualitySimilarly to the risk of inconsistency in style, incorporating multiple designers into a custom web design project can also damage the quality of your final product. If you’ve divided tasks between multiple web designers, it becomes a big, time-consuming job to marry the separate workstreams together in the final stretch of the project. Avoid this complication by completely outsourcing projects that can’t be handled in house. It’s the easiest way to guarantee quality!
  • SpeedSplitting your project between in-house and agency web designers can impact the speed at which your project is completed - ultimately putting your deadline date at risk due to time demands of consolidating the two separate workstreams. Particularly if your project is time sensitive - consider going external to ensure success. 

Of course, at Kartogram we’re on hand to help with whatever you need us for, and if that means filling in the missing pieces of a web design project you’ve already started in-house - that’s absolutely fine! We enjoy a challenge and love using our skills to help businesses achieve their design aspirations. Get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more!

However, if you have a choice and the ability to take your bigger projects external, please listen to our advice and take the leap with Kartogram! We’ve seen so many projects become complicated by internal disputes or be delayed due to different design styles and methods. You could save your business a significant amount of time, money, and stress by sticking to a single web designer. If you’d like to learn more - contact Kartogram today!

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