Signs your website design isn't right
July 15th 2021

One of the easiest ways you can maintain a strong online presence is by keeping your custom web designs up to date. This doesn’t mean you need to rebrand or completely refurbish your online pages - put simply, if you regularly maintain and update your online platforms, your customers will see and experience the best version of your business.

It looks the same as it always has - How much has your website changed since your business launched? Is there a clear way for your customers to find out about your new products and services? 

It isn’t responsive - When was the last time you checked that your website looked great across every kind of screen? With new phone and tablet models being released all the time, it’s important that your website looks good from every angle!

It has low SEO rankings - Have you searched for your own business name online recently? If you’re having to scroll for longer than you’re happy with, it’s probably time you upgraded your website content. Achieving SEO is a continuous battle - don’t let your web design hold you back! 

If your business platforms - including your website and social media - could do with a refresh, Kartogram is here to help. Not only can our friendly and experienced team help your business to look and perform at its best, we can coach you to look out for signs that updates are needed (and take care of said updates, of course!). 

Kartogram can also support your business with content creation. If you don’t have the time to design and produce new graphics and copy for regular maintenance or seasonal promotions, let us know because Kartogram can help! Whether you want daily, weekly, or monthly support, speak to the Kartogram team and we can put together a bespoke web design and content package for you. 

Contact Kartogram today to find out more information - we’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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