Stay local, choose Kartogram
May 8th 2021

Particularly over the past year as the coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world, there’s been a big emphasis on choosing local brands and small businesses when it comes to shopping and sourcing goods and services. From our doorstep in Oxford, UK, we’ve seen first hand how much good working with local businesses can do - and here at Kartogram we believe that this local focus should long continue long into the future! 

Of course, sometimes choosing local business isn’t the best option depending on your circumstances. However, if you are able to, we believe that the positive impact of this simple switch is really important and can have huge results in your local community. 

Choosing to shop local doesn’t have to be limited to physical or personal purchases like your food shop - there are plenty of businesses who can provide you with professional services too, meaning that your business-to-business relationships can also stay local to you and feed directly back into your community. 

Custom design and bespoke web development are two great examples of this - and guess what? Kartogram - our boutique design agency based in the heart of Oxford - is here to support as many local Oxford businesses as we can! Whether your business is brand new or long-established, our friendly team would love to hear from you and to work with you on whatever custom web design or bespoke web development projects you might have coming up. We’ve got over 10 years of custom web design experience and have worked for small and large businesses all over the world - and what’s more, we love a challenge!

Want to see more of why Kartogram is the best local design partner for your Oxford-based business? Check out our custom web design portfolio to see what we’ve created for other brands in the Oxford area. Or better yet, contact our team today and let’s talk about how Kartogram can help you!

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