What's the difference between web design and web development?
August 1st 2020

In the business world you’ll often hear the words design and development used together, particularly where websites are concerned. From initial planning conversations through to implementation, it can be difficult to know when it’s appropriate to use these terms in the same breath and when you need to discuss them separately. What do design and development really mean in terms of the practicalities of your custom web project? How are they different? And which should you be referring to when you’re discussing your plans with your team?

Design and development are very much separate ideas. If it’s your first project as a business owner, confusing these terms can result in costly mistakes and shortfalls in your results. If you approach the wrong kind of specialist with your needs, you may end up paying for a service that doesn’t quite meet the mark. In order to help you avoid this, we’ve put together a short breakdown of design and development services so that you can feel confident when it comes to your online projects.

Web Design

AestheticsIf you’re looking to create or update the look and feel of your site, you’ll be needing a web designer for this service. Regardless of whether your site is bespoke, uses a host platform, or sits in a template format, web designers have the skills to completely overhaul your aesthetic and help you achieve the impression you’re looking for.

User Experience (UX)Anything to do with making your website more user friendly can be resolved with advice from a web designer. From navigation and layout to promotions and traffic, you can improve the customer experience on your site and the brand value of your business with the services offered by designers.

ContentWhen it comes to the front-end impression of your website, web designers are the specialists to approach with your needs. This can include copywriting services and visual design tasks like logo and collateral. Both of these elements can add significant value to your business as they feed directly into your customer’s impression of your brand. Definitely worth investing in if you’re working with a designer you trust to tell your story.

Web Development

Back ProgrammingIf your looking to build your website from scratch or have direct control over the functionality of your site, you should approach a web developer for support. With extensive portfolios of coding and programming experience, developers can programme your website to your exact specification (and also offer advice about what works best!).

Functions & FeaturesWeb developers are also the ideal specialists to work with in regards to your website’s functions and features. If you want Google map integration, an embedded contact form, or animated content, all of this can be achieved through web development services.

BuildFrom website registration, content management systems (CMS), e-commerce, and more - a web developer can enhance your site from ground level. When you’re thinking about add-ons or applications, specialist developers can complete this work for you. You’ll ultimately save yourself time and money as features like this improve site functionality for the back-office user (that’s you and your team!).

So, between design and development, which side of your web project should you prioritise?

The answer is both. Design and development services equally contribute towards the user experience of your site, and therefore they must work together to achieve the best possible results. Studies have shown that customers judge a website within seconds of their first visit. Securing this trust comes down to both the visual impression and functional abilities of your website (as well as your ability to back it up with streamlined, fantastic service). That’s why you should consider the practicalities of both design and development when you’re planning your next custom web design project.

Here at Kartogram we make life very easy for business owners by offering both web design and web development services. Our team have heaps of experience with both elements of online projects. To learn more, check out our custom web design portfolio here.

Alternatively, if you’d like to hear from us directly about how we can help you to achieve your goals, contact us here. We’d love to chat!

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