Top 10 questions to ask your custom web designer
August 15th 2021

Here are a few tips from the Kartogram team about what questions to ask your custom web designer before you start your next custom web design project. Whether this is your first project or your fiftieth, it’s important to know your designer well and ensure that you’ve chosen the best custom web design partner for your growing business. 

1. Do you have experience working with other businesses in my industry? Knowledge of industry-specific niches and needs will help to ensure your designs reach the highest standard.

2. How much of your design and development work is completed in-house? Does your designer outsource any tasks or services? 

3. What is your normal process for custom web design projects? This will help you to gauge a timeframe for the project you’ve proposed and also learn what to expect along the way. 

4. Do you design custom upgrades for template platforms as well as completely bespoke projects? Be clear about what you’re after and make sure to ask if your custom web designer can deliver!

5. Are your custom web designs responsive as standard? Make sure you are aware of what is included in the custom web design package you’re paying for. If what your designer is offering doesn’t include things like responsive design as standard, this could be a red flag! 

6. Do you use a particular Content Management System (CMS)? Lots of designers out there use CMSs like Wordpress to host their custom web designs, whilst other designers may build you your own CMS to your specifications.

7. How long will the custom web design project take to complete? A good custom web designer will never be able to give you an exact completion date, however an idea of approximate time frames can help you to plan your project. 

8. Can you complete the work within my budget? This is a key question to ask before the start of the custom web design project!

9. Do you have a portfolio of past custom web design projects I can look through? Taking a closer look at past work will help you to decide whether you like a certain custom web designer’s style and finish. 

10. What do you need from me? Arguably the most important question to ask in order to ensure a smooth and successful custom web design project. Every custom web designer works differently, so help to manage both yours and your designer’s expectations by talking through the process ahead of starting your custom web design project. 

Have you got a custom web design project coming up? If you’re looking for a new custom web designer or bespoke web developer to help improve your business, look no further! 

Kartogram is an Oxford-based boutique web design and development agency, here to support you with your every custom web design need. With over a decade of experience working with businesses based all over the world, you’ll be in safe hands with the friendly Kartogram team

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