Top 3 tips for optimising your copy
November 2nd 2020

Are you struggling to tell your story in the right way? Here are our top 3 tips for optimising your custom web design copy.


Think about your keywords and key phrases. You can’t optimise your website for search terms that aren’t included in your copy. Think about what questions and phrases your target audience are likely to search for and use that as a basis to cultivate your keywords. Once you’ve covered your most important business-related terminology, think of other search terms that might help your business to stand out from your competitors, such as geographical information. Make sure you do your research and avoid falling short by celebrating your business niche!


It’s no secret that keyword frequency influences your position in search engine rankings. If you don’t choose your keywords and integrate them into your website copy, you won’t rank very highly and your website traffic will remain low. Similarly, if you’re using keywords but are either repeating them too little or too much, you’ll also rank poorly with search engine algorithms. The answer? Aim for 1-3% density (based on your page word count) and tailor your copy within your custom web design. If possible you should use your most important keywords within the first sentence of your text, include synonyms, and try to integrate your keywords naturally within your content so they don’t stand out. Doing the maths on your keyword density can really do wonders for your custom web design and overall website performance. 


You can use the main title of your webpage along with the meta description to boost the ranking of your page. These two titles should always be written differently but should at the same time reinforce the same message. The main web page title should include keywords or key phrases from your list while also appealing to and engaging your audience. Your meta description can be written more with search engines in mind, but should still read as relevant to your audience. The maximum length for an optimised meta description is around 60 characters, and you should put your most important keywords near the beginning (making sure not to repeat your keywords within the description itself).  

These three elements should help to elevate your web copy to the next level if you’ve not already incorporated these techniques. If you reshape your content in the right way, it can take your custom web design to the next level. 

If you’d like more advice about your web copy and how your custom web design can benefit from content advice, contact our team at Kartogram today. We’d love to talk with you about your strategy and get your website performing at its best.

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