Top 5 reasons a professional logo will elevate your business
July 19th 2021

Have you ever taken part in a quiz where you’ve faced a picture round of “guess the logo”? The businesses with the most recognisable logos are actually doing the best job with their branding - and these logos aren’t recognisable by accident. 

Here’s how a professionally-designed logo will elevate your business to the next level, and why custom logo design makes for a stronger sense of brand. 

1. Brand recognition Unless you want your brand to be the head scratcher in the picture round of a quiz, it should be important to you that your logo is recognisable. To be successful in this, your logo must not look like any other logo in the marketplace. A great way to achieve a unique, recognisable logo is to get professional help - that way, you won’t be tempted to take too much inspiration from other businesses already out there. 

2. Value added By choosing to go bespoke with your branding designs, you can add extra meaning to your logo and graphics by incorporating your business values. Whether it be through the design itself or small details like the colour palette - subtle additions to branding can really make the difference when it comes to being memorable and unique. Professional custom web designers have plenty of experience making additions like this look sleek and stylish - definitely worth it!

3. Customer impact It takes less than 3 seconds for a customer to decide whether they want to stay on your website, and less than 15 seconds for them to decide what they want to buy (if anything). If your logo is custom designed to reflect exactly what your business is about, there’s a greater chance that your customers will stay on your site longer than those first 3 seconds.

4. Building loyalty The best way to gain customer loyalty is to earn trust and be relatable. If you can identify your target market and incorporate their interests into your logo, you’re more likely to win some trust and get the opportunity to wow your customers with excellent products and services. The best way to isolate your target market and work out exactly how to make your logo relatable is with the help of a professional web designer!

5. Showing consistency With so many different business platforms out there, from your own website to social media and specialist e-commerce sites, it’s important that your brand message remains consistent. The easiest way to achieve this from the outset is with your logo. If you opt for custom designed branding, you’ll receive your logo in all the shapes and forms for fitting seamlessly across all of your business platforms. Job done! 

Want to know more? Get in touch with Kartogram and let us show you how a rebrand can completely transform your business. Your logo could be the key to growing your customer base, improving your brand reputation, and securing those sales! 

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