Top 5 reasons you should choose an external web designer for your business
June 19th 2021

At Kartogram, we’re strong believers that outsourcing custom web design work is the best way to achieve success with branding and website projects. Here’s why:

  • Internal disputes - Your custom web design products will always require the input of multiple people, whether that be the opinions of several designers or suggestions from the sales and products teams. One thing you can almost always guarantee is that not everyone will agree with the final design. Take the stress away from internal team relationships by enlisting an external custom web designer to pull different elements together. That way, you’ve got an impartial person finding the best ba;ance for your business. 
  • Maintenance and security issues - Custom web design agencies always stay up to date with the latest maintenance and security updates that should be performed on website code. Poorly written or outdated code can leave your website vulnerable to cyber crime and security breaches, which aren’t ideal when you’re trying to build a brand safely!
  • Time and efficiency - Having one or more people within your business team dedicate themselves to designing, building, and maintaining your website can become testing in regards to time and output efficiency. Using an external partner for custom web design significantly frees up the capacity of your internal team, meaning the people who know your business best can focus on managing elements of the brand that need a more personal touch. 
  • Content mistakes - An external custom web designer will easily be able to spot copywriting typos and mistakes with content that put your brand at risk. Often, internal teams can be too sentimental about content and overload pages with more than what’s needed. By going external with your custom web design, you’ll have free guidance on the right level of content to include that will hit the spot with your target market. 
  • Sector experience - Whilst you may have skilled team members within your business, using an external custom web design agency will allow you to gain unlimited access to the experience of a professional designer. Custom web design agency team members are likely to have experience working with other businesses in your sector - maybe even your main competitors. This is a real bonus that could allow your business to get ahead! 

If you’d like to learn more about what an external custom web design agency could do for your upcoming project, contact Kartogram today. Our team of friendly and experienced custom web designers is here to help you grow your business through professional, high-end design. Let’s chat!

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