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November 19th 2020

2020 has sure been a tough year. None of us could have seen it coming, but coronavirus has had a truly massive impact all over the world. Crashing economies across the globe and turning daily life on its head for many of us, it’s hard to find anyone who has made it this far into 2020 without being impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. 

So many independent brands unfortunately haven’t survived through coronavirus, but in the UK there’s been a lot of publicity and promotion for small businesses. It’s been really great to see. 

As an independent boutique web design agency, Kartogram has been impacted by the effects of coronavirus in the same way as many small businesses. Thankfully, our team has really felt the love from our clients and those who are choosing independent businesses to support their projects. We’ve been able to continue working harder than ever this year, providing custom web design and web development assistance across a whole host of exciting projects. 

Although we’re currently working a little differently at Kartogram, we’re thrilled to still be open for business. We’re even more pleased to say that our team has the capacity to take on new custom web design clients and projects - big and small! 

With more and more businesses taking their brands online, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. 

Are you a small business, new to the online world and looking to make an impact? Could you do with some advice and guidance to get your brand performing at its best?  

Or are you an existing business, needing a revamp on your look to keep your brand fresh and bold? Do you need support maintaining your existing customer base, strengthening your SEO, or making your website run seamlessly?  

No matter your circumstances, Kartogram is here to help you. Whether you’re looking for custom web development, bespoke web design, or consultation services, our friendly team can support you. We have wide-ranging expertise across all areas of custom web and development design. No matter how big or small your business custom web design needs, we’d love to get involved with your brand.

Kartogram can help you to unlock your business’s potential. Get in touch with us if you’d like to chat and feel free to take a look at our online portfolio. We’d love to get to know you, learn about your story, and use our skills to help your business get where it needs to go. 

It’s been a hard year and we could all benefit from working together and helping each other. We can’t wait to hear from you. 

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