What comes first, content or design?
May 27th 2021

Depending on the nature of your custom web design project and how you’re approaching the process, it’s likely that you’re leaning more heavily on either content or design to drive your project forward. Which element should come first when it comes to getting your custom web design project right first time? 

Well, it’s one of those topics that’s completely up for debate and there are great advantages to both approaches. Here are a few things to bear in mind and our reasons for recommending content and design are developed at the same time. 


Working with a content-first approach can actually significantly help the design process. If your web designer has all of your content to hand, they can design your product around your messaging and make sure the finished design acts as a pedestal for your brand’s story. What’s more, if the content is completed (or is close to completion) before the design process begins, the length of the overall project from start to finish is likely to be shorter. Copy edits can often end up pushing back project completion dates, so doing the bulk of the writing work beforehand can really help to ensure a timely end to your custom web design project.


On the flip side, a design-first approach can really benefit the copywriter’s role in the design process. Content creators are great at writing copy to fit different spaces and shapes, and so a mockup or sketch can act as a great frame for completing brand copy to the best possible standard. Many great copywriters find it incredibly easy to write endless content when they become passionate about a brand, so sometimes having an idea of the amount of copy required per space (for example, across each web page), can help copywriters to develop a clear and concise message - a key part of your business to get right if you’re going to entice plenty of customers!


With clear benefits to both approaches, here at Kartogram we’d suggest working with a joint vision throughout the course of your custom web design project. If you can work on your content and design together, the two elements will help to drive your project forward and push your final product to a brilliant, fine-tuned, and professional standard. Also, business strategy should ideally be a conversation that includes both the design and content teams, so having both sides involved with the web design process from the very beginning can help to ensure future conversations are productive. 

For more advice about how to approach custom web design projects, or for practical support with design or content creation, get in touch with Kartogram today. The Kartogram team are experienced and friendly professionals who love a challenge or any size. Tell us more about your business and find out how we can help you to take your custom web design to the next level

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