What is custom web design and why do I need it?
April 14th 2022

Custom web design is a phrase you’ll have seen used a lot across the Kartogram website and in the online business community in general - but what do we actually mean by custom web design, and why might your business’s online presence benefit from a customised approach? 

Custom web design is an all encompassing phrase that refers to any kind of web designer intervention to an online platform or product. This includes things like: 

  • Full website design and development from scratch
  • Tweaks to existing websites, either to the front-end functionality or the back-end construction
  • Changes to template websites hosted by third party platforms like Squarespace or Wordpress
  • Full logo or branding design
  • Rebranding projects
  • Online branding development such as social media templates or thumbnail logo tiles
  • Bespoke business web application design and development
  • CMS development and integration

…and everything else that comes in between! There’s a lot that custom web design and development teams can do for you, and that word custom is increasingly important when it comes to standing out in today’s saturated online market. 

Whilst it’s possible to create your own online business identity using tools and programmes you can download at home, the smart investment for your future is to commission custom web design work as soon as you can. Custom web design will benefit you in so many ways - allowing you to organically grow your business, adapt your look, and update your content as and when you like. Your potential with a custom web design is limitless, as your web designer can create and develop a product that is unique to you and your customer base, enabling you to appeal to your target market in a way that they’ll remember forever. 

If you’re looking to make an impact with your custom web design and don’t know where to start, why not get in touch with our team at Kartogram to learn more about where you could take your business. From small design requests to large development projects, we’ve got the experience to support your next steps - and we can’t wait to hear from you

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