What's the difference between web copy and web content?
April 4th 2021

With so much specialist terminology in the world of custom web design, it can get confusing to know exactly what to ask for from your web designer when you’re starting out on a new custom design project. In this blog post we thought we’d unpack web copy vs. web content, and how we (the Kartogram team) differentiate between the two - we hope it helps! 

Web copy

Let’s start with web copy. Web copy is the words that appear on your website, adverts, and anything else to do with your business. Your web copy is the written material that directs your customers to action - selling your products or service and persuading them to make a purchase. 

Not only is it important that your web copy is correct for the purposes of selling and persuading across all of your platforms, it’s also your web copy that will boost your website’s SEO. If your copy doesn’t include keywords that align with your target market’s search phrases, you’re immediately limiting your access to your potential customer base. 

Web content

Now for web content. Web content refers to everything that comprises your webpage, advert, or other business platform. This includes your web copy, but also your images, graphics, videos, and other non-text elements of your custom web design. 

Getting your web content spot on is important for the softer selling of your business and the building of brand loyalty. All the elements of your web content should work together to educate your customer base about your brand and your values, creating an overall aesthetic and brand feel that they’ll want to buy into (with the help of your web copy!).

When it comes to your next custom web design project, knowing whether you should be talking about custom copy or unique content - or both! - will really help you to ensure clear communication with your custom web designer. It’s important to get both elements right to maximise the success of your business and create brand loyalty among your customer base. 

If your business could do with a copy or content update but you don’t know where to start, get in touch with Kartogram today for advice from our experienced and friendly team. At our Oxford-based design agency, we help businesses improve their reach and reputation every single day - and your business could be next! 

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