When is the best time to move your social media-based business across to a website?
August 11th 2021

So you’ve started your own business on social media and over the past year or so and it’s grown more and more. How do you know when it’s time to move your business over to a dedicated website platform? 

Here at Kartogram, we’ve helped a number of our clients make that leap from social media to a custom website. Here are our tips that will help you decide when to make the move! 

Do you struggle to manage your orders? If you’re finding it difficult to keep track of orders and enquiries through your DMs then it may be time to move across to a website platform. Website contact forms and e-commerce features allow for more structure and organisation. Save yourself from missing out on potential sales by investing in a dedicated space to organise and review orders!

Do you find it hard to tell your business’s story? It can be tricky to build a brand when you’ve got limited space for photos and captions on social media. Moving to a custom website could be the answer if you want to tell your business’s story in a cohesive and engaging way - after all, your story is part of what makes your business special!

Do you want to expand your brand? Social media is a great place to build community, but it can be hard to engage with your following when you’re limited by the capabilities of mainstream platforms. Custom web design enables you to build an online space in a way that works for you, and could well be the answer for how to grow your brand and engage with your audience at a higher level. 

Have you got a new social media business that has grown over the past year? Are you interested in finding out more about transitioning over to a custom website? 

Get in touch with Kartogram today for full advice and support about all things custom web design and development. We are here to provide practical and consultation services, helping you to make the next step with your business so that you can continue to grow! Contact Kartogram for more information.

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