Why isn't anyone visiting my website?
September 18th 2020

Is your website struggling to gain traffic? Here are a few things that could be causing you problems:

KeywordsAre you using too many keywords?

If you’ve overreached with your SEO it might be having a negative impact on your search engine ranking. You should aim for between 1-3% keyword density for optimum results, with around 5 keywords being used consistently around your website. If you’re worried that you might be overdoing it with the SEO, make a note to discuss it with your copywriter or web designer ahead of your next custom web design project. 

Social mediaDoes your business have a social media presence outside of your main website?

If not, it’s a good idea to create social media accounts and link these up with your website if possible. A social media presence can help you to reach a wider audience and will also help to boost your presence in search engine results. Ask your web designer about integrating your social media accounts onto your website in your next custom web design meeting - this will help your prospective customers to explore your business fully. 

BloggingDo you blog?

Research shows that websites posting blog entries just 4 times per month experience on average around 800 more monthly website visits than companies blogging 2 times per month. If you don’t currently post at all, you could be missing out a lot of website views! If you want to get started with a blog but don’t have the time or inspiration, consider working with a copywriter to get things going. Many custom web design agencies have copywriters that they recommend, so be sure to ask around if you’d like to start a blog on your website. 

DesignWhen was the last time you updated your website?

If your website features outdated or just plain bad design, your prospective customers won’t trust your business. If they make it to your website at all, they won’t hang around for long if it looks too basic or isn’t responsive to their device. Don’t neglect your visual appearance online - speak to your web designer about how you can bring your site into the present. Custom web design could be the answer to your prayers! 

SpeedHow long does your website take to load?

If it’s been a while since your last update, it’s likely that your load speed will be lower than your competitors. This is an instant turn off for prospective customers looking for quick information. It takes less than 2 seconds for a person to decide whether they’ll be staying on a website or not - if your website takes 2.5 seconds to load, think how many viewers you’re missing out on!

If any of the above suggestions have you got worried about your website, contact us at Kartogram today. Our team has extensive custom web design experience and can help with each of these issues, and much more. Let us help you kickstart your website today!

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