Why your brand is more than just your logo
April 10th 2021

Your business’s brand is more than your product or service. It’s also more than just your logo. Good branding is made up of a number of key marketing and custom web design elements that work together to create an impact on your customer - encouraging them to think, feel, and even act in a certain way whilst they experience and interact with your business. 

Your logo - if custom designed correctly - can of course have this kind of impact on your customer base. As a key identifier of your business that can be seen across your social platforms, online website, and physical collateral, your logo has the visibility and reach to build a significant part of your brand image among your customers. 

But, to ensure that your branding hits the spot consistently with both active customers and more distant viewers (such as social media followers), make sure you think about both tangible and intangible custom design elements. Your custom design branding strategy should encompass your business name, logo, products, and content through to your business values and the “feel” of your custom designed online spaces. Both visible and non-visible elements of your business must work together in order to have a cohesive impact on your audience. Your custom web designer can help you with all of this, so make sure to talk about creating a full impact with your branding in your next custom design meeting. 

Does your business have a strong logo but fall short on other key elements of branding? 

Is your brand game strong but missing a logo with a WOW factor? 

Kartogram is here to help. From our boutique studio tucked away in Oxford, UK, we help businesses from all over the world achieve their branding goals every single day. To take a closer look at custom web designs we’ve created for our clients, check out the online Kartogram portfolio. Or, even better - why not get in touch with our friendly custom design team directly? We’d love to hear from you and are always open to new projects, big and small!

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