Winter web design: top seasonal upgrades for your business in 2021
December 14th 2021

We’re all tempted by a new look every now and then, and it’s no different when it comes to websites and other custom web design products. It’s not always necessary to completely rebuild your designs when you fancy a change, which is great when it comes to seasonal periods. Spice up your seasonal promotions with these easy additions!

Homepage banner - The easiest and most obvious way to promote seasonal offers and sales on your custom website is to introduce a homepage banner. Banners offer a temporary way to change the initial look of your site, catching the eye of regular visitors who will immediately be drawn to something new!

A seasonal filter for social media posting - Whether it’s for Snapchat, Instagram, Tiktok, or Facebook, custom filters are an easy way to share seasonal promotions for your business. If made public, filters are also a brilliant way of engaging with your customer base.

Seasonal blog posts - By promoting seasonal messages through blog posts you can help to get the word out about your best offers and give a timely boost to your business’s SEO. Introducing seasonal keywords alongside your normal selection will help to get your business visible among search engine results - every little helps when there’s lots of competition out there. 

Have you struggled with seasonal custom web design this year? If your business could be performing better during seasonal periods, Kartogram is here to help. From temporary website upgrades to social media templates and promotional marketing materials, custom web design from Kartogram is completely bespoke to your business and designed to encourage successful growth every single time. 

Learn more about what our friendly team can do by taking a look at the Kartogram online portfolio. Or, better still, contact us today and let’s get talking about your next custom web design project!

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