Blog archive for February 2021
How can community hashtags help your business reach?
February 24th 2021

Hashtags feature on most social media platforms. In 2021, it’s important to make sure your social media posts are hashtagged in the right way to ensure that your brand is reaching the most relevant audiences. 

Behind the design: Study Now
February 16th 2021

Last month we introduced you to our custom branding designs for Oxford-based Study Now. Keep reading if you’d like to learn more about our process on this unique web design project. 

Should I use Canva to create content for my business?
February 13th 2021

Canva is a great tool for small businesses, especially if you want your brand to look great on a budget. Here are a few of Kartogram’s recommendations for where Canva is appropriate to use for your designs and where an investment in custom web design is something you should prioritise.

Why custom web design is crucial for small businesses in 2021
February 10th 2021

There’s been a small business boom over the past 12 months, with an estimated 85,000 new businesses having been created in the UK in 2020. Whilst the timing for this is fantastic as the “shop local” trend grows, the independent business market has become more and more saturated.

How can you ensure that your new small business will stand out in 2021? That’s where custom web design comes in.

Behind the design: Wild Globo
February 5th 2021

The Kartogram team kicked off 2021 with a brand new partnership. Wild Globo is an independent art and apparel venture based in Oxford, UK. We had such a brilliant time working on this custom web design project, we thought we’d take you behind the scenes of the bespoke branding and logo designs we created for them.